Purchase / Sale Agreements

Whether it is you first business or it is just the latest, purchasing is exciting and risky. It represents not only a present investment of money, but a future investment of valuable time, effort and resources.

Since 1997 Ellsworth & Bennion has provided prospective business owners with competent and professional counsel. We will clarify all the details and make sure each term of the contract makes sense to you.

When purchasing or selling a business, time is of the essence, and each day can translate into money gained or lost. The business attorneys at Ellsworth & Bennion will make sure to drive the transaction forward, paying attention to details and providing the personal attention as necessary. We will take your calls, answer your e-mails, and be available to meet with you. You should always consult with an attorney before you sign any business purchase agreement.

Most importantly, when you are trying to buy or sell a business, real estate, or a product you need an attorney who understands how to drive transactions forward. You need an attorney with attention to detail who will stay on top of your case and provide the personal attention you need.

Before you sign a purchase or sale agreement, contact Ellsworth & Bennion to discuss your goals and how we can write the agreement to meet those goals and protect you from undue risk.