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What is a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights?

Published under adoption,parental rights on 11/10/2009

A Petition to Terminate Parental Rights is a petition to the family court asking the court to take away the rights of a parent by court order. There are a number of reasons to seek a termination of parental rights ranging from protecting the interests of a child to preparing for the adoption of a child. It is always important Continue Reading »

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Can a Stepparent Adopt a Stepchild in Nevada?

Published under adoption,family law,stepparent adoption on 10/12/2009

Can a stepparent adopt a stepchild in Nevada? Absolutely. In fact, stepparent adoption is the most common form of adoption performed in Nevada. Stepparent adoption is most commonly used when a divorced spouse who has custody of the children from the previous marriage remarries and the new stepparent desires to adopt the children as his or her own. This process can be simple, Continue Reading »

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Understanding Postadoptive Contact Agreements

Published under adoption,family law on 09/14/2009

In 2005 the Nevada legislature added Nevada Revised Statutes 127.187 through 127.1895, which collectively codified the rules surrounding treatment of Postadoptive Contact Agreements in Nevada. Whether you are giving a child up for adoption or adopting a child yourself, it is important to understand the implications these agreements have and your rights under them. How do Postadoptive Contact Agreements become Continue Reading »

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