Our Website Gets A Facelift

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We are happy to announce that our website has been given a complete overhaul. We hired a professional web design agency called Innovation Simple to take our current website and make it much better. As a result our website looks much more professional and easier to use. Continue Reading »

Can a Stepparent Adopt a Stepchild in Nevada?

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Can a stepparent adopt a stepchild in Nevada? Absolutely. In fact, stepparent adoption is the most common form of adoption performed in Nevada. Stepparent adoption is most commonly used when a divorced spouse who has custody of the children from the previous marriage remarries and the new stepparent desires to adopt the children as his or her own. This process can be simple, Continue Reading »

The FMP – Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program

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On August 19th, the Nevada Supreme Court appointed the first 97 mediators pursuant to the landmark Foreclosure Mediation Program (Assembly Bill 149) passed by the Nevada Legislature during the 2009 session. Two of those mediators include our very own Keen Ellsworth and Todd Moody.The new program is designed to help alleviate some of the pressure Nevadans are currently feeling due Continue Reading »

Green Cards and Permanent Residency

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What is a Green Card?A green card is a common way to refer to the government-issued card provided to individuals with lawful permanent residence status in the United States. The name is based on the fact that the card was initially green. Throughout the years the card has taken different forms and colors, but the term “Green Card” has remained Continue Reading »

The Wealthlawblog’s "The Low Hanging Fruit of Asset Protection"

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With all of the wealth protection strategies available to attorneys and their clients today it is common for us to lose sight of the simple ways to protect assets. Yesterday I came across a great post by Ted Simpson on wealthlawblog.com which succintly mentioned some important yet vital wealth protection strategies such as education savings accounts and strategic titling of Continue Reading »

Understanding Postadoptive Contact Agreements

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In 2005 the Nevada legislature added Nevada Revised Statutes 127.187 through 127.1895, which collectively codified the rules surrounding treatment of Postadoptive Contact Agreements in Nevada. Whether you are giving a child up for adoption or adopting a child yourself, it is important to understand the implications these agreements have and your rights under them. How do Postadoptive Contact Agreements become Continue Reading »

Search Nevada Businesses Online

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There are numerous reasons why individuals and their counsel would need to look up vital information regarding Nevada business entities, but many fail to realize this information is available at their fingertips. The Nevada Secretary of State’s Website has a convenient Business Entity Search which allows you to easily search for NV entities by name, entity number, officer(s), or the Continue Reading »